Directions from Yagi Station




Directions from Yamato Yagi Station

English-Please! Natural Conversation School is located 5 minutes walk from Yamato Yagi station on the Osaka Kintetsu and Kashihara Kintetsu Lines.

Please use the directions below if you are visiting on foot from the station.

If you would like to know train times to Yamato Yagi station, we suggest Hyperdia. In the search box, enter your local station and YAMATOYAGI as the destination.



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Travel Times & Fares to Yamato Yagi Station

Approx Fares/Times to Yamato Yagi Express Service Fare (One Way) Limited Express Fare (One Way)
From Kintetsu Nara Station 30 minutes ¥440 24 minutes ¥950
From Osaka-Namba Station 36 minutes ¥620 29 minutes ¥1,130
From Kyoto Station (Kintetsu) 63 minutes ¥880 47 minutes ¥1,780
From Kansai International Airport (KIX) 96 minutes ¥1,540 67 minutes ¥2,560
From Tokyo Station x x 215 minutes ¥14,680