Recently I’ve had a lot of one on one lessons with my students because other members of the class have been absent. The reaction to this is almost always the same: “Just me today? Oh no! This is going to be so difficult! I’m so stressed out! Panic! Panic!!” While I understand this response, I am also confused by it. There’s no reason to assume things will be difficult. In fact, you really should assume the opposite. The lesson just became all about you. Here are five reasons why you should be happy about your Lucky Man-to-Man lesson.

You can go at your pace. If you ever feel like you are the slowest member of your class, now is the chance to ask your teacher to slow things down. You can take your time to answer questions or finish the in-class exercises. The pressure to finish before your classmates is now off and you can relax.

You can go off topic. If you would like to talk to your teacher about their home country, or something you saw in the news recently, or a book you’ve just read or… anything really, feel free to do so. This is always welcome but in a group lesson, the teacher has to keep things moving so everyone in the group gets a chance to practice their English. Not so when it’s just you!

You can review previous material. If you felt you didn’t fully understand the material you covered in a unit earlier in the year, ask your teacher to go back and revisit it. This isn’t possible in group lessons but when you’re on your own you can make such requests.

You can ask questions you are normally too embarrassed to ask. Do you ever feel like you are the only one in the class who doesn’t understand something? This is the time to admit you you’re having a little trouble and ask the questions you’ve been waiting to ask. Please try to remember though that questions are always welcome.

You can take a private lesson for the price of a regular lesson. You get the extra attention and a classroom experience customised just for you at no extra cost!

Please try to remember these five points the next time you realise your lesson is unexpectedly going to be just you and your teacher. Instead of saying “Oh no!” you should be saying to yourself “Oh yes!”

最近、クラスのメンバーが欠席しているので、マンツーマンのレッスンを受講される生徒様が多いです。 「今日は私だけですか?すごい緊張しますが大丈夫かな。一人は嫌だな。。」私はこの反応を理解していますが、少し悲しく思います。パニックになるのではなく、むしろラッキーだと思ってください。ラッキーマンツーマンレッスンを喜んでいただける5つの理由を記載しましたのでモチベーションをあげていきましょう。






あなたのグループレッスンが予期せずに、マンツーマンのレッスンになると分かったときに、これらの5つのポイントを覚えてみてください。 “Oh Noの代わりに、 “Oh Yesと言えるでしょう。