The Kakuzuke Event Night was a huge success! Thanks to all of the students who attended and made the night funny and enjoyable!

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On July 14th, students, managers, and teachers from English-Please! joined together to play a Kakuzuke game. We sampled two different versions of products and had to decide which version was the expensive, high-quality one and which was the cheap, low quality one. We listened to violin music, looked at art, and tasted cheese, ice cream, chocolate, tea, beer, water, and wine!

Congratulations to Team Ice Owl for winning the competition! Apparently the students at English-Please! have excellent taste, as everyone guessed correctly on the majority of the item choices. We had to have several tiebreakers to determine who won, but in the end, Team Ice Owl beat Team Matt. It was tons of fun seeing everyone trying to figure out which item was high or low quality. Good work, everyone!

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